Minnesota Cars & Coffee: May 2015

May 2015 was the day all hell broke loose. Hypercar heaven! The P1 and dual 918 Hybrid always had a big group of humans around them.

Flat Black is hard to pull off so well, but this mustang has nailed it.MNCNCMay2015-98

HyperCar HeavenMNCNCMay2015-1

McLaren P1, one of the best engineered cars ever. Raw power with finesse, terrorizing performance that can be docile enough for daily use.MNCNCMay2015-11

MNCNCMay2015-15 MNCNCMay2015-22

Little details like the green “depth” of the badge set off this 918.MNCNCMay2015-23

The Corvette Z07 clear spoiler, downforce for the track, and doesn’t ruin your rearview mirror!MNCNCMay2015-36

MNBMW always fills their aisle.MNCNCMay2015-41

Skyline!MNCNCMay2015-52 MNCNCMay2015-61

Details, this has them all!MNCNCMay2015-69

Is this V12 still considered a “small block”? This makes me all kinds of tingly!MNCNCMay2015-92

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