Intermarque Spring Kickoff 2015

Intermarque starts off their season with a great show of vintage foreign cars across downtown Osseo.


Volvos used to be curvy, before they were boxy!

An uncle of mine has a TR6, and they’ve had a spot in my heart since my first ride in the Triumph. intermarque2015-5

Devonintermarque2015-8 intermarque2015-11


This was my favorite car of the show, such an awesome shape!intermarque2015-12

Dave’s 190e Cosworth.intermarque2015-16  intermarque2015-23


A classic SLintermarque2015-27 intermarque2015-40

Hardware for days.intermarque2015-42 intermarque2015-50

Check out the gallery on Flickr too!

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