Minnesota Cars & Coffee: April 2015

Cars & Coffee is back for 2015, and it was certainly the biggest April show ever. Last year’s turnout was hampered by some snow the day before, so much so that even I got in… Saturday’s show approached the big summer levels of vehicles and people. Sure, the temps kept a few of the hypercars from making it out (*cough* P1), but we still had a great variety!


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Imola Motorsports did their usual gig of putting a bunch of amazing cars on display, including the 918.aprilcnc15 (10) aprilcnc15 (18) aprilcnc15 (82) aprilcnc15 (48) aprilcnc15 (20) aprilcnc15 (27) aprilcnc15 (3)


So many C7 Z06… This is a good thing. The level of performance these cars bring “to the masses” is incredible. aprilcnc15 (73)


Wheel gap? For better or worse, this Scoob doesn’t even have lip gap.aprilcnc15 (77)

Evo starting the long drive out. Bit far from home there? Welcome Mr. Arkansas!aprilcnc15 (54)

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