Wheels of Italy 2014



Wheels of Italy 2014 was held on the beautiful and sunny 7th of September. Wheels of Italy is open to anything on wheels that is Italian in origin. Cars, motorbikes, and bicycles from the 50’s to today come and go, displaying the design and technology italians are famous, and infamous for. It’s one of the best places to see all sorts of exotica that doesn’t even make the trip to Chanhassen for Cars & Coffee. It’s a quieter crowd,but a lot of owners are near their cars talking it up with the others, and if you ask they’re happy to tell you all about it.

Leading up to the show, the organizers started talking about a car that would be the obvious headline of the show… This car has the following:

1 – Top shelf design firm

2 – Vented Engine Cover/Rear Fasciawoi2014-5
3 – Gated Shifterwoi2014-14

4 – Naca Ductswoi2014-17



5 – Defrosted headlightswoi2014-8

The Ferrari F40 is one of my favorite hypercars. No creature comforts, just a little carbon go-kart and a twin-turbo V8 built in Maranello, a gated shift and manual transmission, and no computers between the driver and the car. The F40 was the first production car to break 200mph.


woi2014-24 woi2014-7 woi2014-22 woi2014-20


Grand Performance had a tent to show off some special stuff, and park bicycles at.woi2014-25 woi2014-28The 80th Anniversary Campy set is Formula 1 levels of deliciousness!woi2014-34458 woi2014-65 woi2014-84 woi2014-96 woi2014-89 woi2014-98



Motorbikes! The details are ridiculous.woi2014-119 woi2014-113 woi2014-104 woi2014-110


Click on any photo to enlarge, and click the older photos link at the bottom of the gallery to see the second gallery page. You can also check it out on Flickr if you’re into that sort of thing.


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