Minnesota Cars & Coffee: September 2014

September Cars & Coffee!

No real good reason for this to be so late, but it’s nice to see this in the middle of January between snow storm drift sessions. This was was a great day with tons of people, the photo opportunities were hard to find, but I tried a few new things, and got some keepers.

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This is someone’s homemade Can-Am Spyder competitor. Those are flat carbon body panels, they definitely weren’t messing around.mncncsept-39
mncncsept-3 mncncsept-11 mncncsept-14


I’ve come to love the 4 door Wranglers, especially when they’re setup for some real trail work.mncncsept-16

First Alfa 4C, pretty amazing little cars. Lotus who?mncncsept-24 mncncsept-26 mncncsept-28


Someone installed the 710 cap upside down on this Singer 911.mncncsept-33

Click on any photo to enlarge, and click the older photos link at the bottom of the gallery to see the second gallery page. You can also check it out on Flickr if you’re into that sort of thing.


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