Minnesota Cars & Coffee: August 2014

The Minnesota Cars & Coffee show for August was the busiest I’ve seen since it’s inception many years ago at a small Caribou in the west metro. It was so busy, my own mother was there for the first time! Being crazy busy meant getting the shot was harder.

Plenty of exotica was in the show.



The Bug was back with a new sticker… It was clocked at 241mph during top speed runs at the Sun Valley Road Rally in Idaho. Sun Valley is one of my favorite places, and a usual haunt of my family when we lived in Twin Falls. mncandc0814-85

The 2014 Central Crown rally from Minneapolis to Chicago is next month!mncandc0814-57Drone… very expensive and cool drones.mncandc0814-59

Stunning wheels on an S2000mncandc0814-54

The worlds first cool Smart car? In even bigger news, Rally America is still alive!mncandc0814-47Poncho rolling inmncandc0814-17Love the green on this aircooled 911mncandc0814-8Grand Sport stripesmncandc0814-19A V12 SBC… Yes, V12!mncandc0814-14Ryan Gate’s 311RS Evo #01. These cars are pretty stellar, they’ve been featured on the /DRIVE network, and it has an incredible amount of custom touches and parts.mncandc0814-60 mncandc0814-65Those stacks doe…mncandc0814-77 mncandc0814-92More sexy green!mncandc0814-25

‘Murica!mncandc0814-26Kinda ‘murica!mncandc0814-21

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