MadFurther 2

Saturday, August 23rd was the Second Annual MadFurther show. I missed the first one last year, but definitely had a good time checking it out this year. The overcast skies were threatening rain, and even teased us by some spitting precip on/off after noon, but that didn’t stop some of the cooler cars in the area taking part.

If you were showing your car… This looks familiar!madfurtherdeuce-1…but once inside you started seeing things like this:madfurtherdeuce-3…and this, and everything else was forgotten!madfurtherdeuce-11

These bikes were awesome, I’d love to have one to bomb around Road America and the like.madfurtherdeuce-13

A little bit of everything was on display infront of the hangars this afternoon.madfurtherdeuce-20 madfurtherdeuce-31 madfurtherdeuce-38 madfurtherdeuce-35

360 Modena engine baymadfurtherdeuce-62

360 Modena exhaust tipsmadfurtherdeuce-67Solid E46Mmadfurtherdeuce-53A seriously blacked out Conti.madfurtherdeuce-100This is a wrap job by Creative Color Wraps, and a phenomenal one at that! Serious detailers were fooled it was a wrap until someone said something.madfurtherdeuce-105 madfurtherdeuce-110


MadFurther has a nice diverse group!madfurtherdeuce-133 madfurtherdeuce-126Step 1: Put Vossens on

Step 2: Nothing

Step 3: Profit!!!! (j/k, but they are pretty awesome)madfurtherdeuce-138 madfurtherdeuce-163Sawblades are so played out, even Acuras are getting in on that game.madfurtherdeuce-172Been a while since I saw some tow-hook characters.madfurtherdeuce-169Best to stretch before you arrive at the show… You’d hate to pull a hammy, or tweak your neck!madfurtherdeuce-180 madfurtherdeuce-184This beast did a lap around the show… It might have been the “most terrified I’ve been of a vehicle” moment of my life since high school… Luckily, no cars or people were run over!

madfurtherdeuce-185 madfurtherdeuce-190 madfurtherdeuce-193B&W Artsy wheel processing.madfurtherdeuce-210 madfurtherdeuce-207Lots of show-goers enjoying filling themselvesmadfurtherdeuce-216

Some of the awards for the showmadfurtherdeuce-217 madfurtherdeuce-223


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