Minnesota Cars & Coffee July 2014

Last month a combination of rain, lack of sleep, and feeling like crap forced me to stay in. I heard the rumors, I knew what was going to be at the July show…

mncandc0714-17The Bugatti Veyron and derivatives like this Grand Sport Vitesse are the fastest cars in the world. Sure the Bloodhound SSC or something will take the title, but they’re not really “production cars”. Bugatti has delivered over 400 cars, and the engineering to pull off the performance consistently and reliably is nothing short of breathtaking.


Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse W16 8.0L 1,200hp

The engine is the easy part, that’s essentially combining four Volkswagen GTI 2.0Ts together. But then you need a gearbox that can handle all of that power, and shift quicker than you can blink, hydraulics for the active wing and ride height, air conditioning, four wheel drive to put the power down, brakes capable of stopping a car from 250+ MPH, tires that can actually handle 250+ MPH. Then you’ll need to keep all of that cool, but maintain a slippery body for the top speed runs, and then make it legal for all major continents in terms of emissions and safety, something Ford Motor Company is just now starting to do with it’s standard cars.


The owner of this paticular car has setup a website at http://www.bleugatti.com/ to let enthusiasts keep tabs on the car and see photos from it’s adventures. It’s been used in charity rallies, and there are rumors this is the car from the latest Transformers movie. The bullet hole stickers on the windshield are covering a crack from the last road rally, the windshield can only be replaced in California apparently.f

Enough talk!

The naked blue carbon is beautiful. mncandc0714-16 mncandc0714-6

The car recently got a wrap covering the lower panels for Independance day.mncandc0714-10 mncandc0714-14

More of the blue carbon on the center stack.mncandc0714-8


One of my favorite supercars, the Porsche Carrera GT also made an appearance. The sound is unreal!mncandc0714-18mncandc0714-63 mncandc0714-56mncandc0714-70

Twin Turbo Saleen S7 that’s had some work done…mncandc0714-74 mncandc0714-77 mncandc0714-78 mncandc0714-80 mncandc0714-97

Very rare BMW Z1 with the slide down doors.mncandc0714-112


The Morgan three-wheeler looks like one of the most fun “cars” you could drive.mncandc0714-124 mncandc0714-126

Nice looking FD.mncandc0714-132 mncandc0714-140 mncandc0714-156 mncandc0714-169 mncandc0714-205 mncandc0714-197

This girl was getting a lesson in starting a Model T. She got it on the second try!mncandc0714-199

Rad rod with a biiiiig block. I wonder how many people got hurt on the lugs?mncandc0714-183 mncandc0714-177

Sexy Ducati is Sexy.mncandc0714-220

Smiles on everyone leaving the event!mncandc0714-226



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