MSRA’s Back to the 50’s 2014

TWELVE THOUSAND classic cars from 1964 or older rumbled around the greater St. Paul area, and descended onto the Minnesota State Fairgrounds the over the last three days. We carved Saturday from a busy weekend schedule to visit the 41st Annual MSRA Back to the Fifties show, and experience as much as we could.bttf2014-19

This is the second time I’ve been to the show, and it was just as I remembered. Cars parked wherever they will fit, people everywhere you look, and so many cars, I would need over 300 gigabytes of memory cards to take one photo of every single vehicle in the show! We walked around the show for a solid 6 hours, grabbed some fair food, and walked all over creation.


The only requirement for entering a car into the show is age. Parking is wherever you can find a spot, and hopefully near your friends!


Here’s some highlights, and as usual, the full clickable gallery is below, be sure to hit the “older photos” link to see the second page in the gallery.



Cars, people, and stuff in every corner of the fairgroundsbttf2014-221bttf2014-11bttf2014-17bttf2014-24bttf2014-26

Do not adjust your screen! There is no camera or processing trickery here… Just some paint absolutely GLOWING in the midday sun!bttf2014-35bttf2014-36bttf2014-39bttf2014-45

Better tone than most brass horn sections!bttf2014-57bttf2014-58bttf2014-60

This Corvette has 514,000 miles (not a typo)  all from ONE OWNER. It’s been to all states and provinces, except for two of them. just in the last 11 years.bttf2014-62bttf2014-70bttf2014-72bttf2014-75

These tires are approximately two feet wide. The sun is bouncing off the car in this photo, it’s typically as orange as the diff, and extremely bright.bttf2014-117bttf2014-92


Looking for trouble.bttf2014-101bttf2014-109bttf2014-113


Coolest cup holders EVAR.bttf2014-124bttf2014-135bttf2014-157bttf2014-160bttf2014-194bttf2014-197




Your 1964 or older car doesn’t have to be american either…  Here’s an awesome TR4.bttf2014-156


The berkely is TINY.bttf2014-88

Finally, my favorite image from the day.bttf2014-169

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